I pray U make it

I pray that u make it as we are tapping in
Just remember how far we came
Know this is not where the storylines end
As we transsend into new dimensions
With the best of intentions
Baring witnesses to greatness unfolding.
I hope U seek out to find understanding and your purpose. I know to follow by faith and had to walk threw resistance. Those moments where Ur future ur safety is jeopardized is where life’s true dangers are faced. I pray Ur shielded from the fire and slay the dragons that attack for the skies.
1 đź’› 2 mine and Urs From coast 2 coast n all around the world. 4 all the struggles and the boys n girls
Who without proper guidance are lost souls
To what is Ur true destiny if U have no control over the glorious destinations
U tend to reach
1 life 1 chance, 1 shot, 1 attempt, sure aim, with a full clip
Feel the heat of dragons breath, 2 stepping dancing with the devil, snipers aim in the wings of in the distance, I won’t be the tricked or trapped, fight and win it could change from dark to light in an instant,
As this Mf spins n it twirls
Off its Axis, they hurling misinformation as Us, Don’t let Em knock ya off Ur balance
Stay true 2 Ur belief, stand Ur ground, if alone then so let it be n stay balanced
Cause I can stand around for days n tell ya about they fucked up ways
Don’t ever forget what’s really going and that matters home and it people. We caus they stray outta sight, plotting watching on every move u make vindictive games they play Incase u just might……
Open ur mind n shed some light on the viciousness of what there intentions is
To control everything, they know the way u think n ur piss poor process
Say monster U think big foot lockness nahh MFs let’s confess to all that is far fetched
Just to to throw to U off cause u played urselfs in the first place now stuck but admit to the damges rather rahh rahhing for this cons very good gut. Exponential growth n human progress is at play but not coming together to solve the potential problems with the power we are tapping in, I false move n the triggers pulled will not be hiroshima which destructive power made the world stop war n take a step back . Now the treaty’s are unsigned all the shit boils we waiting to see who’s pulls that first trigger to show their might
I pray U can make it to harnesse the magic which residess inside on very own soul
Granted to U by the Higher powers of the universe n see that it is only love that can give U the ticket to better days hell U start helping the ones fucked up instead telling why they are U can fix your plobems solving all the lil Bullshit U fussing about. Think about a happy life loving the time U spending here?? It’s sounds fucking great, well dummy it is. Step tf n do the good ishh you can do for your companions on earth. I pray U make threw their BS and find the path to safety, freedom, and make it to that MF happy That was just a thought of hope. Let it carry U threw and to Ur best life.

Shooting Down Trumpism 4 America The Beautiful

What are the characteristics of a spoiled brat? Does he respect the fact he is wrong? When you share something with them do they effortlessly hand it over? Do they acknowledge its everybody’s to share? Does the brat play well with others? Does the brat kick, whine, while using rude behavior n brash false insulting things when his turn is over? Is he selfish and play vindictive games knowing it’s wrong? But wants to see U suffer n laugh not giving a damn about when U end suffering. Y’all are letting this man toy with Ur safety playing games during the transition. The pillars of democracy is the peaceful transition to show respect to this office do what’s best for our safety not go against the experts direction to follow fucking his gut?? That is completely baseless. The damn numbers don’t lie Y’all. Why they keep a fact checker that has dinged more times then the times he had to address the people of this country. Because of that every has accepted being lied to stand for corruption turn their checks for the selfish BS Cause left right up down fighting against the same citizens suffering because of it n the harm is far greater U can phathon, all because U don’t care for the other side but it’s Ur family broken apart I couldn’t imagine the amount petty arguments lead to someone hurt maybe fucked up forever. I remember a old acquaintance of mine by the name of Robert Walker went and hit a 16-year-old girl in the mouth with a pole on a galley causeway with his just cause and two 18 yr old kids got in into their moms nice looking car unaware of the cop that thought it had to illegally obtained so when they pulled out and all the screams U hear on tv when nightmares fucking real life monster killer cop in came pointing his gun and I want to run so in doing so is gonna kill U n get away with it cause he thought U were a bad guy. Pretend all his storylines as they flagged his account because of the amount of false claims he makes n he gets all his kicks talking all this BS and y’all root a wanna be dictator. The pillars of democracy is to respectfully transferring power and Ur countrys integrity.Keeping Biden out of buildings away from the information he needs to know is slap in the face to every single on of us down to the military and Ur safety and U laugh He has never showed a glimpse of respect n Id love to debate his son n slap his ass if or when he tells a lie to my face or come sideways out the mouth, we take take that to paper view and Ill box his ass, like his dad he doesn’t like when they card gets pulled. When they ask who got Trumped U won’t be able to say me. Look it up smdh lol U get it? Fuck!!! Debate with some BS throw blame on the next name which ever side I ain’t replying it’s deeper then that.

Self design meaning I designed myself

Anytime of day I look Up the sky and find the all healing powers of love pouring upon me like a cloak of armor. The fact is it is I wear it on my sleeve put on my back n carry it as it does me. The fact I have undoubted beliefs I float threw this MF all praise to most high as I reach to find how far I can take it. My wisdoms. I saw tomorrow, I remember yesterday and I know exactly  where I stand why I stand and who I stand for. I astonishingly idiotic the mass is foolish fools knowingly follow accepting  falsehoods, being mislead and spitting on self respect safety and integrity. Its absolute truth our advisory, lead this campaign 10 steps ahead put a plan into place that he is yet from finishing. I’m talking about a ingenius plan to the throw mislead information to one needing something to believe in and a man to go will never speak of the truth because his ram bonkis ness ego while his mouth spues out altering bs to the world throwing the intire planet into limbo so they can pick the pieces up. And as he watches democracy in chaos lil ol me feels like I must step in and slap mfs with the truth to know I tried to do something when I fear for their safety. U see the struggle made me face and put end to problems or suffer, and go looking to the best ishh I could do go down in darkness seeking to achieve gold I had to fight the ones who put their blame on me stood to against test my truths the children I raised have far more understanding, knowing the importance of forgiveness,  compassion and the need for well being a minority of the country is hollering pointing fingers about petty shit like a bitch of house wife some that don’t take blame n pointing outball the negative shit. That leads to more than people want to think about, that might of fucked up. I have and always will face the bigger picture instead of turn my back to cast stones at ones trying to climb a steep battle. I stand n cast a life life to those in need by giving consideration n relief from the pressure put upon them. I’ll go to find, drag and change the direction of that which looks to harm me. Trump n his base of mislead stuck the sheep which is fighting left right left right amongst each other don’t give a damn if it’s their sister they fighting lies. I designed myself to find beauty in the struggle and I don’t let down. Go on bitch and make irrelevant relevant while mfs do the shit that really matters, save our future from being destroyed by petty mfs mouths and shallow minds. Can you see now?? It’s much deeper than that.

Understanding and Grand vision

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